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Thursday, 05 July 2012 10:04

Our club has recently arranged with the Hastings District Council the ability to fly electric radio control models at the newly created Roys Hill Reserve.

This has been about 5 years in the making!


Roys Hill Reserve Rule Sheet


The site is the old Hastings Dump on Highway 50 that has been closed for many years. A soil "cap" has been put over the site which elevates it to about 10m above the surrounding vineyards.


The council & the Landmarks Association have undertaken a beautification program and planted shrubs around the perimiter and grassed the top. There is now carparking and picnic tables near the road entrance.


Access to the upper grassed area is by foot only however we can arrange vehicle access for pre-booked events. Remember although we have secured the right to be able to fly there we have no greater rights than any other member of the public, so if someone is having a picnic in the middle of our flying area they are quite entitled to, we must share the space.



Due to the site being open to the public and no restriction to foot traffic there are a number of important safety considerations. Due to the possibility of public walking into the flightline area without the Pilots knowledge there is a requirement for at least one observer to be present at all times flying is taking place. This does mean that solo flying is not allowed, however the observer does not have to be a flyer so bring along your wife/girlfriend/brother/husband/partner/friend or who ever to help you out!


All club members must adhere to these rules for our continued use of this site. 


Please make sure you read and understand them. As this is a new flying site your feedback on how it is working is valued and wanted.



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