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Profile Mustang Plan

Profile Zero Plan

Profile Spitfire  Plan

Foam board Clubba Project

Five years ago, at MFHB we mounted a club youth building  program to construct some training aircraft that would be easy to build and not too costly.  To that end, the “Clubba” was born and the model was so successful that almost twenty were built, many of which are still flying today.

Today we are seeing increasing use made of foam board to construct RC model aircraft, an inexpensive 4.5mm thick foam sheet lined both sides with white paper, the cut out and folded parts being  assembled with a hot glue gun. To this end, I have taken my original Clubba plan and redesigned the construction, still using a lite ply fuselage internal front box inside a foam board outer. The wing is totally folded foam board with a simple lite ply spar and some spacer foam ribs.  As I still have the original cowling and undercarriage moulds it is a simple matter to make the fiberglass cowls and carbon fiber U/C sheet. To date, the prototype model has had over thirty flights in various calm and windy conditions by a number of members and is proving itself well.

Foam_Clubba Plan.pdf

Foam Board Clubba Plan

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